TS Debby Go Away!

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Goodness what a debacle she’s become. Last night I looked up at the ceiling in the spare bathroom and noticed a water spot. Checking the attic didn’t reveal anything. When I heard the dripping later I checked again. I was missing some shingles and water was running underneath and coming through at the seam in the plywood sheathing. I was up until about 3am trying to stop the leaking. I also discovered another one. 🙁

I worked from home today and spent the day on the roof putting some plastic sheeting down. It’s held down with roofing nails so I think it should be ok. When I checked about 6pm the attic was still dry. The backyard is a lake and I just hope this isn’t too much water for my new sod.

It seems that we have some fire stations flooding around town so the National Guard is bringing in sandbags. We’re supposed to get 4-5″ today with 15-25″ for an overall total. Since I got the weather station back on the air this morning I’ve had 1″ at the house. I’m not sure how much more came down before that. Things sure are crazy. I really should be out in the hammock, though. Not very often you get to test your gear in these conditions. 🙂

TS Debby

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the radar look like this. Fortunately the power’s only gone out once. It seems that Duval County is opening a shelter. I’m surprised it took so long since our surrounding counties have already been opened. It’s certainly a dark and stormy night.

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