Bushwackin’ and Flagin’

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Wow. This morning several of the Trailblazers met up at Long Island (part of the Talbot Island area) to continue working on a new section of trail for the State. Long Island is a narrow strip of land running between Simpsons and Myrtle Creeks.

We started early at 7:30 to beat the heat of the day but it didn’t work out so well. We re-flagged the section we did a couple of weeks ago and split into two teams working towards each other to bushwack and flag new trail. The mosquitoes were bad again, my brand new Fiskars lopping shears snapped in two, and the heat was oppressive. Somehow, though, we managed to make it until noon but it was a long, hot walk back to our vehicles.

Long Island at Big Talbot

I was really looking forward to putting my new Suunto clinometer to work to check the trail slope along the way. Unfortunately I’m going to have to make that and recording a solid GPS track a separate trip. Hopefully we’ll get everything ready for final review by the biologist on the 14th and we’ll get the approval to mow. That’s what I’m waiting for. I need some special time with the new 16HP DR the Park purchased. 🙂

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