Might As Well Fish

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It’s been too insanely hot around here lately to hike. The highs have been in the upper 90s with the heat index running over 110. The area is like a tenderbox waiting for an ember.

The past few days my son and I have hit the retention pond across the street to at least say we’ve been outdoors recently. He’s been more interested in catching minnows in his net than learning to cast but we make a good team. We also have an aquarium full of minnows.

We’ve only had a little success. I figure it’s because the fish aren’t as dumb as we are and they’re trying to stay deeper and under the plants to stay cool. Today, though, we became fish slayers. While we hadn’t seen a single sign of anything larger than the minnows I decided to ditch the nice spin cast reel in favor of my new 16′ crappie pole.

We really hit a nice hole! There was a single lilypad about 20′ off the bank. It was an easy shot with 10′ of line. Using some moldy bread we started hauling them in one after the other. We made a good time. I’d catch and he’d net. I tried to convince him to take the rod but he just said, “I think I’ll stick with my job.” I’d originally planned on putting them all on a stringer but after these three decided to just catch and release. In the end we let them all go. It’s not like I plan on eating anything from the pond. 😉


These little buggers were excellent bait thieves but sometimes I’d catch a couple in a row. As soon as the bait hit the water I’d pull another fish in. The sky was getting darker, though, and the thunder was rumbling in the distance. We finally grabbed our stuff and ran for the house as the lightning started flashing around us. We probably stayed out longer than we should with the weather but we were having a great time.

I figure if you can’t hike, you might as well fish. And if you can enjoy time with your child at the same time it’s even better. If you can’t get your boots in the dirt I hope you can at least keep a line wet.

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