Optimus 8R

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Well, I fueled my stove addiction a little more today…no pun intended. I added to my vintage collection when I got a “new” Optimus 8R. It’s quite a nifty little stove and I’m looking forward to putting it through some paces.

Here’s what she looked like out of the box.

Add a little white gas to the priming cup to warm things up…

About 30 seconds later she’s all primed and burning like a nice little stove…

Just add the pot and you’re ready to boil.

My first 2 cups of water were boiled in 7:47.


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    • The Svea 123 is one of my all-time favorites. It’s too heavy for me to carry on most trips but it’s an excellent cold weather stove. And not much beats the sound. 😉

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