Kayak Mods: Front Deck

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Today I decided to make a minor mod to the Pelican to make it a bit more functional. There is no rigging in the front deck area and I while I don’t have a hatch there (yet) I do intend on using it for storage. Ultimately I plan on having bungee cord installed but for my present needs it’s unnecessary.

Front Deck

I picked up some kayak pad eyes from All Wet Sports yesterday and broke out the drill this afternoon. I also picked up some 3/16″ kayak rivets. A very quick turn of the drill with a 7/32″ bit and I was ready to mount the pads. Although the rivets are supposed to provide a watertight seal I decided to add a little clear silicone for some extra peace of mind.

Pad Prepped

The rivet tool worked its magic and soon both rivets were secure and I cleaned up the excess silicone. The next eye went just as quickly.

Pad Installed

Although I bought four pads I only decided to use two. I realized that they would extend into the hatch area and I don’t want to have to drill these out if I decide to put the front hatch in. I’m going to look for the same type of single rivet hooks I have on the rear deck. For now I think I’ll be ok.

Both Pads Installed

Using small carabiners I can now attach my Surf To Summit insulated fish bag to the new anchor points I added as well as the front handle area. I think (hope) that’ll be sufficient until I can add the last two anchor points.

Fish Bag - Side

This is a much nicer bag than I realized when I ordered it. The top has a zippered compartment for additional storage. The front flap also has a small waterproof area and two other small storage spaces. I thought it was going to be too small but now I think it’ll be just perfect.

Fish Bag - Front

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