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The Hiker Hostel is a fabulous place to stay before or after your AT adventures. Run by Josh and Leigh, the hostel is a beautiful cottage with bunk beds in the rooms upstairs and private accommodations if you need them. The downstairs area is the living area for Josh and Leigh as well as a TV and other items found in a simple bed & breakfast “lobby”. The basement area has a small library and another TV where you can watch a movie or just hang out. The deck outside has benches and a nice fire pit for those cold nights.

Front Porch

Back Porch

Internet service is available on a shared computer upstairs. This is great for last-minute weather checks and updating friends and family that all is well…or not.

The Hostel is an incredible value for what you get. You’ll definitely get a good night’s rest and a hearty breakfast to load you up before hitting the trail. On my visit we had scrambled eggs, french toast, and oatmeal along with a selection watermelon, orange and apple juice. It was tempting just to chill at the hostel and fake updates over the weekend. 🙂


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  1. Wow, what a small world!
    I stayed at the Hiker Hostel last year during a trip up to Springer Mountain. My friend and I couldn’t believe how much we got for such a cheap rate. It’s a great place!

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