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Today I had another good in the mail. It was a Gram Weenie Pro kit from End2End Trail Supply in Lindenwold, NJ. I selected the kit option with no pot since I already had a pot or two in mind. Last week I caught a deal on a great little 700ml titanium pot/lid from It was just $27 and too hard to pass up and it’s the pot I used for this review. Ok, so back to the stove.

The kit arrived nicely packed with everything I’d ordered. It included the stove, a priming pan, 3.5″ x 23″ soft aluminum windscreen (5.5″ is an option but I decided this would be too tall for my uses), and a 4 oz fuel bottle with the flip cap.

Gram Weenie Pro Package

When I opened the packaging I was immediately impressed with the craftsmanship and the light weight of the stove. My scale agrees with End2End’s claim of .6 oz. The Gram Weenie Pro holds 1 oz of fuel compared to the Gram Weenie’s 1/2 oz.

Gram Weenie Pro

Much to my chagrin it was raining so I had to stay in our enclosed room. I setup using a cookie sheet to protect my son’s Little Tykes table and went to work. I used the new titanium pot and tested the boil time of 2 cups of water right out of the tap. I was impressed with the 4:30 it took to get to a very nice, rolling boil. This is probably the best I’ve done with an alcohol stove in quite a while.

Here are a couple of shots of the pot on the stove.

GWP and Pot 1

GWP and Pot 2

The GWP has a very nice rolled edge so there aren’t any sharp surfaces. The windscreen is also much nicer than the noisy DIY screen I made from the aluminum foil cookie sheets.

The total weight of the stove, windscreen, and priming pan came in at 1.6 oz. Combined with my 4.4 oz pot that’s a total kitchen weight (dry) of just 6 oz. That’s certainly a long way from my Snow Peak LiteMax (2.7 oz) and aluminum Trek 900 pot set (9 oz). I shaved almost a full 6 oz or almost 1/2 pound!

In addition to being well-made and super light, the stove is very nice when it’s lit. At full bloom it makes a gorgeous stove and I almost hate to cover it up with a pot and windscreen. I’d say that the quality is top notch and I have to admit that I’m really excited about this stove. I can’t wait to take it on the trail with me. For the price it’s very hard to beat.

GWP Long Exposure

For more information or to purchase this stove, please visit End2End Trail Supply.

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