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So here I am sitting in my office thinking I should be on the trail. Unfortunately the stars didn’t line up this week. I was still battling the sunburn from my previous stupidity and not looking forward to putting a pack on. Then we got hit by Tropical Storm Beryl. I work closely with our local emergency management officials and we had people to staff at the Emergency Operations Center and a local shelter. Then I checked the forecast and it looked like Beryl was supposed to turn and head north. Even today the week shows thunderstorms all week.

To be honest, though, the 10-day forecast doesn’t look much better. The chance of precipitation decreases throughout the week but there is still a chance I’ll be hiking in thunderstorms. I guess it is what it is. I’m not pushing it back again.

No worries. It’s a short week at work now and I’ll get to relax since my pack is all ready to go. In the meantime maybe I’ll learn some good skills. My mom’s Christmas gift finally arrived. I guess it’d been sold out for a while. I’m now reading “The Natural Navigator.” It’s been pretty interesting so far. I’m looking forward to practicing some of the skills on the trail.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day and that you’ve a) got your flag flying high and b) have remembered our fallen service men and women.

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