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Cedar and Pumpkin have been doing very well. They’re incredibly loving and want to be up in your lap all the time. On Tuesday I went back out to Pumpkin Hill and talked to another neighbor (still no sign of the missing pup) and put out about 18 flyers. They look well taken care of so there’s a chance they weren’t dumped and I don’t want anyone to be missing their pets.

Late last night we started having some issues. Both pups have been eating and drinking very well but I noticed the Pumpkin was very lethargic. I got very worried when she wouldn’t get up to come to me (very unlike her) and she tried dragging herself instead. I noticed she had some mucous after going potty and I worried she might have a urinary tract infection. Unfortunately I knew it was more serious when I learned that Cedar was the same way (though he was still active).

They’re headed to the vet to find out what’s wrong. I’m really worried about their health. Cedar is trying to comfort his lil’ sis.

Cedar and Pumpkin

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