Pupdate #3

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What a weekend this has been! It’s been a crazy time of cleaning up mess after mess. Let me just say that worms are pretty darned disgusting when they come out. I’ll spare you the details, though. 😉

The pups have gone through four IV treatments and we’ve gone through about $800. All told, though, they’re making a full recovery and are back to their old, playful selfs. The change in their behavior has been incredible and aside from their obvious weight loss after four days without food or water you would never know how sick they’d been.

They’re back running around and playing and we’re trying hard to keep them calm. They’re so hungry that they’ve been getting into everything in the house and jumping up on the tables in search of any scrap or morsel of food. We started introducing small amounts of water this morning and they’ve been keeping it down. This afternoon we started with small amounts of wet food (not kibble) and that’s staying down as well! The food is literally gone in seconds. Poor guys.

I’m very happy with how well they’re doing. They’re certainly a handful but I think they’re part of the family now. We’ve been through a lot together and still have more medicine to take but I think it’ll be a short road to full recovery. Pumpkin is near and dear to my heart now and she follows me everywhere and loves to be in my lap while I watch tv, work on the computer, etc. She’s my baby girl. Can you tell she’s feeling better?

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