Pupdate #2

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The vet has confirmed the worst. Cedar and Pumpkin have both been diagnosed with parvo, hookworms, and roundworms. Thinking about how healthy they both look it’s hard to imagine they’re so sick. Parvo is especially critical and can easily kill them both. Fortunately our husky is up on his vaccinations or he’d be susceptible. Our cat is ok since it only affects dogs.

I almost choked when I heard the vet bill. These two pups we picked up on the side of the road just cost us almost $500! I certainly wasn’t prepared for that. Then again, I hate to think of them suffering either. They’ve both been given IV treatments to provide nutrition and keep them from dehydrating. They’ve also been dewormed and given anti-nausea meds as well as Advantage to take care of the fleas and ticks (both had ticks all over them that were so small we hadn’t noticed other than the larger ones we’d already been removing).

They have to go back tomorrow for another treatment and I guess we’ll play it by ear. Wish them luck!

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