Is It 2012 Already?

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Another year is upon us and it’s really time to start going through your gear in preparation for some wonderful spring hiking. I’m glad that things are really getting going here in North Florida. We have a day hike coming up at Little Talbot Island State Park and I’m excited to be co-leading the hike. We have over 30 people signed up already!

I’m really looking forward to doing more hiking around my local area in the new year. I have a new hipbelt on order for my ULA Circuit pack and hope that’ll fix the only problem I have with it. I got to try out my Soto Microregulator stove on the Torreya trip. I still have my Emberlit wood stove to test but I see it getting used within the next couple of weeks.

The big trip on the agenda is the 2nd Annual Florida Hammock Hang. The group is gathering once again at the Buck Lake Recreational Area inside the Ocala National Forest. Last year we had right at 50 people. This year the list has doubled. I’ll be heading down on Fri the 13th (not ominous at all) and spending the weekend in hopefully freezing temps. It was down in the 20s at night last year and now that I have my Phoenix underquilt I’m looking forward to it.

I hope that you have great trips in store as well. I’m looking forward to hearing what others are planning. Let me know! Hit me here or on Twitter. Now go out and get some dirt under those boots of yours!

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