I Are Dumb

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On Wednesday I got a package in the mail and it contained my new Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock Ultra Light from Jacks R Better. I set it up in the backyard Thursday and messed around with it a little bit to get a general feel for it and how well my tarp would work with it. Then I made a mistake…

My son has been having pool days at school every day this week. He really wanted me to come and join him but I didn’t think it’d be possible. Thursday morning he seemed like he really wanted me there. So I told my boss I was working from home and I’d be away for a little bit. Then I surprised him at school. The mistake is that I didn’t put any sunscreen on. I figured 45 minutes wouldn’t kill me. Oh how wrong I was. 🙁

It’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m writing this now so you don’t make the same mistake. I was supposed to be trying out the new hammock. Unfortunately it’s way too uncomfortable. My chest, neck, shoulders, and back are all sunburned. Even my face is driving me crazy it itches so much. I tried getting comfortable but the hammock is just not working with my irritated skin.

Now I’m wondering how quickly the sunburn will go away. I leave for the AT on Sunday morning and the last thing I need is to be carrying a loaded pack that’s rubbing every area that’s sunburned. That’ll make for a miserable time. Trust me when I say I’ll be bathing in aloe vera until then.

So learn from me, kids. If you’re out in the sun, even for a little while, and you have new hammocks to try or big hikes to undertake, put that sunscreen on!

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