Cedar…Snake Killer

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If you’ve been reading this blog for any time you probably know the story about Cedar and Pumpkin. There have certainly been ups and downs with them and today was no different. While getting ready for work I let Pumpkin out to go to the restroom. She came back inside without incident. Things turned when I let Cedar out.

I hadn’t seen it until it was too late. A water moccasin was on the window sill by the back door. Cedar was checking it out. I tried to grab him and pull him back. I don’t know if he attacked to protect me or just from instinct. Either way the fight was on and the snake struck back. It was all over in a matter of seconds. The snake was dead and Cedar was foaming at the mouth and shaking.

Dead Snake

Having grown up in the country I’ve had several pets suffer rattlesnake bites. All of them survived. The cat was the most amazing but I won’t gross you out with the details here. I called the vet and was told there wasn’t really much they could do other than provide an IV drip with some antibiotics. I knew this would be the answer but had to call regardless.

It seems that we’ve dodged a bullet. I stayed home from work and Cedar has been in my lap or nearby all day. I have no idea how the snake could’ve missed when he struck or how Cedar could have been faster but perhaps it’s true. No breathing problems. No pain or tenderness. No muscle issues. No symptoms at all. Perhaps the snake didn’t envenomate him. It looks like he’s got two pink marks on his chest but perhaps he didn’t get bitten after all. Perhaps the foaming and shaking was simply an adrenaline dump. I’m keeping a close eye on him, though, and the ER vet is close just in case.

I’d heard that snakes were being driven from their habitats by the torrential rains we’ve had. I guess now I believe it. I’m not in a rural area by any stretch of the imagination.

Dead Snake Measured

The snake was bigger than I originally thought when I saw it coiled to strike. It measured in at 31″ and was pretty thick.

Dead Snake Measured Close-up

I’m amazed that Cedar took its head clean off.

Dead Snake Head

Lord, keep my pooch well.

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