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Well, after a week trying to forget what the real world is, I’m painfully back in it. The NC/TN AT hike was, for the most part, a success. I didn’t quite cover the planned mileage but I had a great time and experienced some wonderful sights. I got to enjoy some wonderful time in the hiker-friendly town of Hot Springs, NC and met some new friends.

I’m still working through many, many pictures so it’ll be a few days before the trip report is done. Part of the pain of the real world is that in the processing of getting a new yard put in the guys nicked my cable so I have no internet at the house. Today they severed it completely. While I’m waiting for Comcast to fix it (they’re 2.5 hours late) I’m tethered to my phone. Can’t do much photo uploading this way. I’ll give you one for now, though. 😉

Max Patch

Max Patch

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