A Stellar Day!

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I wasn’t sure how today was going to end up. I hadn’t prepared at all during the week and spent last night getting ready for the work hike in Osceola National Forest. Around midnight or 1 (it’s all a blur) the power went out in the neighborhood. I figure a transformer got hit or something since there weren’t any storms in the area. By the time everything came back on and I was finished packing it was after 2. I was up at 5:15 to be at the trailhead by 8.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today and my tiredness faded as I enjoyed the day on the trail. It didn’t hurt that I got to run the DR mower for a while. That thing mows down almost everything in its path. OMG it was freakin’ awesome!

Since I was the medical guy I was a little disappointed that nobody got hurt. I keed! I keed! Our trail coordinator did manage to step on a pygmy rattlesnake but didn’t let it bite him. :-/ We finished much sooner than expected and I was home and taking a nap by 3. I’d planned on enjoying the colder night temp and camping out but with the day ending so early I decided to take care of some other things…

After my nap I touched base with a contact off a local kayak fishing forum. I hopped back in the truck and headed south to St. Augustine. I’m now the proud owner of my very first fishing kayak! It really was a deal too good to pass up. I’d been eyeing the Perception Pescador 12 at Academy. It gets great reviews and while West Marine sells it for $549 Academy dropped it to $469. My new-to-me Pelican Eclipse 116 was $200! And Academy (who had JUST DROPPED the price to what I mentioned) had jacked the price back up to $499. So much for their new “everyday” price.

Pelican Eclipse 116In addition to the yak I got some other goodies. It came with a crate for fishing gear, padded seat, paddle, life jacket, bait bucket, and Scotty rod holder! I’m set to hit the water now!

Yak Goodies

I’m not sure that I like carrying it on my bed extender. The thing is way too wobbly and I had to tie each end to my bumper to help stabilize it. The yak is short enough (I think) to rest completely on the top of the cab. All in all, though, it rode well. I did have to twist the straps to eliminate the wind noise (OMG I would’ve been deaf otherwise!) and I had to tape the bow carry handle to the keel to keep it from bouncing on my roof. Making those two adjustments made for a quiet and easy ride home.

Loaded For Yak

I didn’t get the yak at Gander Mountain but it’s hard to make a trip south without stopping. 🙂

Needless to say I’m thrilled to finally have my own boat. The seller offered to go out with me to show me some good fishing spots. I can hardly wait! It’s going to be a looooooong week waiting for the weekend.

I really should be in bed now. Tomorrow is another early day as we’ll be finishing off the section of trail between Ocean Pond and Turkey Run. Check ya later!

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