Rockin’ Cold Weather

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This is actually an update from 1/23. I stayed in the backyard most of this past week. My mom told me we hit a record low of 16. If that’s true then I’m most impressed with how well I did.

Oooooh yeah, baby! Nothing like a 12-hr hard freeze to make you feel alive! I think it got down to 22.

I really didn’t know it was cold except for a light breeze on my face every once in a while. I slept like a baby…until the !&!@#*!@#$&*&@#$ sprinklers went off!!!!! I let them run last night so everything would freeze. Guess I forgot to turn them off and they’re scheduled to kick off Thur morning. Of course my hammock is setup right next to one of the heads. These aren’t dainty little heads. Oh no. These are high-volume rotating heads. I woke up to a damned firehose on the tarp.

Thankfully the tarp held up remarkably well. I don’t know why but they ran for over 30 min. I set the time last night to just 10 min and I turned off the zone I was in. I’m not sure wth happened. The tarp was sagging bad from the weight of the ice on it. I was going back to sleep when they cut off but by then the tarp had started to drip into the hammock. I gave up and headed inside. Hopefully we’ll warm up enough today and things will dry out.

I can say that I now feel 100% confident in my ability to stay out in at least 20° weather…even if it rains. 🙂 I put the wool socks on and used my liner socks too and didn’t have cold feet. If I could just find my face mask (and if I can sleep in it) I won’t have a single problem. I might try to find a balaclava instead but it has to wick so it doesn’t get soaked with sweat.

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