Ring Buckles Results

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Well, the good news is that the new suspension system held up well. I forgot to tie the running end of the straps off as a safety measure but I still didn’t experience any slippage. I was a little nervous. I had to move around a lot trying to shimmy into the sleeping bag. However, they system did a great job and I’m very pleased.

What I’m not pleased with is the horrible job I did rigging my tarp. I felt much colder for some reason and when I awoke I discovered why. The tarp was sagging so much it was pretty much leaning on the hammock. The hammock was getting wet because of it and that was sapping my heat away. It wasn’t enough to keep me awake but I was aware of it at various times during the night.

All in all not a bad night. If the temps are low again I’ll sleep outside tonight as well to give it another shot.

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