Cold Weather Update

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When I awoke about 3am thanks to the moon shining like a flashlight on me it appeared to be about 35 but I don’t know how accurate it is. According to the local news station’s wx page it was 37 when I got up at 6:30. When I got to the office it said 31. So I really have no idea how cold it got last night but I’d be surprised if it was below freezing. Maybe it was just a really dry night but there was no frost or anything on the ground.

Here’s my setup:
Hennessy Explorer Ultralight
JRB WeatherShield2
1/2″ OCF pad (blue Wally World eggshell special)
emergency blanket
Marmot 40* mummy bag

I put the emergency blanket on top of the pad in the WS2. I slept better in the sleeping bag than I thought I would. It wasn’t too hard to get comfortable. I did make the mistake of taking my socks of (just felt better). I did put them back on at 3 but when I went in the house at 6:30 they were pretty cold.

I noticed that even with all that stuff I could still feel the cold to a degree on my back. It wasn’t bad, or enough to keep me up, but that could change if we’re down in the 20s as I expect. I needed my knit cap since the top of my head would get cold. I did have some ear muffs which helped. I also need to pitch the tarp even steeper. I’d get a good breeze once in a while. Fortunately I was able to hunker down in the bag and avoid most of it.

All in all I slept well. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I wasn’t miserable or anything. I just need to make sure I’m really ready for lower temps. If Hennessy is right I’ll be able to try the Super Shelter tonight. I think tonight is definitely the good trial night. It’s supposed to be in the 20s after 11pm.

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