Cold Weather Round 2 Update

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Well, I figured out what happened with the Hennessy. I don’t know why I did this but I had it shipped to my business address instead of home. So it did arrive, just not where I was looking. My mistake. Sorry Hennessy. :-/

Last night I slept very well with the Lafuma bag. I almost got too warm a couple of times and had to open the zipper a little. My only problem was my face getting too cold. I really need to find the facemask.

I learned something tonight. Don’t try to setup up hammock gear you’ve never seen before in the cold and dark. I didn’t really get the Super Shelter figured out. I got the cover on but the pad seemed to just screw things up. I’m going to have to take a look at it during the day. For now I have the SS cover in place with my old blue pad and space blanket. We’ll see what tonight holds. I don’t think it’ll be as cold but it’s 33 right now. Not bad for a test.

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