Yes, I DID Need Another Stove

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You see, sometimes we can’t always control the impulses we have. Perhaps you struggle every time you see a candy bar or walk by a soda machine. For me, my fingers start to twitch and the hair on my neck stands up when I see a new stove.

It was for this very reason that I knew it wouldn’t be long before the new Emberlit wood stove found its way into my collection. Oh sure, I talked big. I said I’d wait for the titanium version. I acted like it didn’t interest me. But deep inside I knew they were all lies.

This weekend I came clean with myself and admitted that I need help. Ok, so I didn’t really go that far, but I did order one. Talk about amazing service! Keep in mind I ordered it at about 11 am on Saturday. By 3 pm I had a shipping notice. It was in the mailbox when I got home today!

It’s late and I’m tired so I’ll keep it short for now. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to test it out sometime this week before heading back to Disney and the Magic Kingdom. Here’s a quick phone pic to whet your appetite, though.

Emberlit Stove

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