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I have to say I’m pretty happy with my purchase of the Jetboil Personal Cooking System. I’ve been looking at it for quite some time but wasn’t sure it would be the best option when compared with other, smaller, stoves. The $100 price tag was also a contributing factor towards my indecision. Well, I ended up finding it online for $75 shipped at Outdoor Daily and decided to take a leap of faith. It’s very well rated and figured so many people couldn’t be wrong.

My initial hope was that it would be in hand before a planned camping/hiking trip but as the day for the trip arrived, the Jetboil still wasn’t in hand. Unfortunately, OD ships parcel post and that takes about as long as Noah’s trip with the flood. The package finally arrived three days after we returned from the trip. Oh well.

I need to get some more pics but here’s one of it getting ready to fix breakfast.

It really does boil in just over 2 minutes. It’s incredibly fast. And it’s great for that morning cup of coffee!

What really impresses me the most is how (almost) everything fits right inside the cup. I have the pot support & stabilizer for it as well and it makes one small package. To stow, just remove the lid, drop the fuel canister in the cup, push the pot support in (upside down), follow that with the stove, and put the stabilizer in the top of the stove. Replace the lid and you’re done. It obviously weighs more than other stoves like the Giga Power, Whisperlite, etc, but you have almost everything you need. My only beef is that you can’t fit the coffee press inside with the rest of the goods. This is just a minor irritation, though.

If you’re looking for a quick way to boil water for your prepackaged foods (think Mountain House & Backpacker’s Pantry) this might be just what you need. I haven’t actually used the pot support yet but hope to whip up some pancakes this weekend. Standby for a future review.

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