I’m Warm and Fuzzy with My New Underquilt

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Having taken advantage of the recent sale by Arrowhead Equipment I am now the proud owner of a Jarbridge River underquilt. The Jarbridge is a 3/4 quilt that’s rated to 30 degrees. I purchased it with the plan of using it with my son’s Hennessy Scout quilt. Typically it would require a short foot pad to keep the tootsies warm but he’s small enough that it should be a full-size quilt for him. :-0

I’ve misplaced my scale but AE says it weighs under 20 oz. It’s more bulky than my down quilt but that’s understandable being a synthetic. In my initial test it seems like it’ll be very cozy. It’s also very well made. I’m quite happy with the purchase and certainly with the price. 😉

The UQ is reversible with coyote on side and woodland camo on the other. I have to say that it looks quite nice. It measures 42″x58″.

Jarbridge Coyote

Jarbridge Woodland

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