Hennessy On The Way

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I’m very excited. I’ve heard so many positive things said about the Hennessy Hammocks but I was having a real hard time dropping over $200. I’ve been watching eBay for several weeks but with my height/weight I felt I needed the Explorer Ultralite. The Deluxe would work but it was heavier than I wanted. Also, the Ultralite is supposed to be good in high mosquito areas. I think FL qualifies as such a place.

As luck would have it, I found a used Ultralite last week. I watched the auction but wasn’t really feeling like I’d win in. I waited until 45 min were left, placed my bid, and sat down for dinner. I had about 2 min left when I finished dinner and kept refreshing. With 45 secs to go I was still the winner. 30. 15. 10. 2. I WON!!

I’m a great buyer so I paid immediately and today I received the shipping notice. It’s coming Priority Mail so I’m hoping I’ll have it by Wed. I can’t wait to try it out. I’ll post more when I get it up.

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