Hammock Suspension

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After long last I finally took the time to start the switch to a ring buckle suspension system for the hammock. I still have the original lines connected to the Hennessy as I’m not quite ready to cut them, but that may not be far down the line.

I’m amazed at just how much quicker I can have the hammock up now. I’m tempted to add it to my tarp to speed that up too. Adjustment is a breeze as well. I don’t have many pics since we were trying to get out the door for dinner but here’s a closeup of the rings.


I picked up 300′ of 1″ polypro webbing from Ed Speer. I cut two 12′ pieces and sewed 3.5″ loops in one end of each. I put a biner through the loop and hook the free end through (I’ll get pics of that tomorrow). The loose end goes through the rings as shown and that’s it.

I’ll be sleeping in it tonight to test it out. Hopefully I don’t end up flat on my back on the ground. 🙂

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