Grand Trunk UltraLight Has Arrived

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I’m beginning to think that my obsession for hammocks isn’t far behind that of backcountry stoves. When I learned that Green Life Outfitters was having a great 40% sale on everything I found myself for no apparent reason looking at the Grand Trunk UltraLight hammock. It’s not like I need another hammock. Heck, I wasn’t even thinking about getting one. But it was 40% off! 🙂 So I whipped out my card, selected my color, and ordered a camo hammock. Camo was a little more expensive but it still came in at $20. Not bad for a loaner I can use with friends.

So look what UPS delivered today. The first thing I did was open her up and throw her on the scale. The packaging says it weighs 12 oz. Mine was a little lighter.
Virgin Hammock

The second thing I did was gasp at the stock suspension…heavy rope and S hooks. I think I was actually expecting it though I hadn’t consciously given it any thought.
Stock Suspension

I headed to the backyard to test her out. It took some fiddling with the stock suspension and my straps to get it remotely hanging properly but it was good enough for a quick test.
Well, it looks good. I had some material flopping around so I’ll have to figure out what to do with that. Doesn’t feel too shabby. Curses! Skeeters attacking in droves! Head for the hills!

Back in the safety of the driveway I quickly sat down with my fresh batch of Amsteel and got busy making whoopie while my son rode his bike and I nursed my new bites.
Whoopie Suspension

Alas, with 7/64″ I only shaved an ounce. Of course I gained a lot more flexibility. I might have to pull out the Dynaglide, though. 😉
Modified on Scale

I hope to get it out in the yard again today or over the weekend. I need more time to determine if it’ll become something I take along with me or just loan out to others. For the price, though, it’ll be hard to go wrong. Time to find a bugnet too!

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