Gram Crackers Anyone?

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I seriously never thought this would happen. I swear! I certainly never intended for it to. Unfortunately this afternoon it did. It’s true. I have become…a gram weenie.

Well, I think I’ve gone crackers. That’s right, folks. You heard it hear first. In my now never-ending quest to shave every ounce I can I’ve gone to the extreme of measuring in grams. I received an order from Arrowhead Equipment this afternoon that contained some micro cord locks. These puppies are so small they didn’t even register on the scale when I set it to ounces.

I had picked up some very small (3/16″?) round shock cord from Jo-Ann’s last weekend but didn’t really think I’d have a use for it. That was until I discovered that the netting ties on my Light Hiker were too large for the micro locks. Of course the smaller cord was perfect!

The original ties that I was replacing weigh in at 9 grams (.3 oz). My new and improved ties weigh in at a mere 2 grams (.07 oz). I can’t believe I’m down to worrying about tenths of an ounce now. What’s happened to me? What have I become? Somebody please help me!

Oh phooey! Enough of that. What else can I cut/trim/replace? 😉

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