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I had a nice and relatively quick trip to Florida’s Torreya State Park this afternoon. I was making good time and managed to arrive at the expected time even after stopping at Cracker Barrel for lunch. Can’t complain with that.

After checking in and getting the tent up and the air mattress inflated I headed over to hang with the other hikers…all two of them. Looks like it’ll be a small group for this hike. I’ll be surprised if anyone else shows up in the morning.

We got a nice fire going and while the temperature started out fairly warm it chilled pretty quickly. We’re sitting about the 45 degree mark. Still considerably warmer than what was originally forecast. Dinner was burgers, tater salad, and baked beans.

I figured if the state is going to force me to stay in a tent instead of my hammock I’m going to take advantage of their power. I have to admit it’s kind of nice sitting in the tent with my electric space heater keeping it toasty. I’m using my phone for a wi-fi hotspot and I have the DVD player running with “Florida Redfish” from Fly Fishing Adventure. Does it get much better than this?

Well, I’m going to turn the laptop off and focus more on the video. Talk to you tomorrow and hopefully with some pics to share.

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