Torreya State Park – Rock Bluff Trail

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This morning started off pretty cool. I didn’t think to check the thermometer but I ended up layering quite a bit. The first order of business was getting some coffee going. I decided to crack open my brand new Soto Microregulator stove. I’ve had the thing for months and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to use it. It worked like a champ and the piezo ignitor actually worked. The pot supports are unique in that they’re normally down to stow and lift up and slide back to lock in place for use.

I decided to eat good since I’m tent camping and whipped up some scrambled eggs and bacon. Once breakfast was done I headed over to meet the others for the days’ hike.

We started on the Weeping Ridge trail and then hopped on the Rock Bluff trail. This ultimately took us around to the Apalachicola River and some very nice views. The wind coming off the river was cold and got us moving again rather quickly.

Weeping Ridge Sign

Weeping Ridge

Throughout the day we were jumping between the Florida Trail and various side trails. We explored the primitive camping areas at Rock Bluff and Rock Creek. I explored Rock Creek a little on my own searching for a waterfall we were told about. The others waited for me since it was a decent climb down. I wandered about 100 yards down the creek and never saw or heard a waterfall.



Passing the trailhead for the Torreya Challenge we came upon the Stone Bridge. There was a nice flowing stream here which would be a good source of water if it’s like that during the summer.

Stone Bridge

Following the Florida Trail from Rock Creek we passed four Confederate gun emplacements. The armament was pretty impressive and the sign listed 5 or 6 cannons of varying sizes. Once past the emplacements we took another side trail to the Gregory House. The Gregory House is a nice plantation home built in 1849.

By the time we reached the house there were some knee and hip issues so we skipped the trail and hit the road for the campsite. It felt good to relax for a little before getting back together for dinner. I have to say that I did quite an excellent job on tonight’s fire. That was a great prequel to a very nice dinner of London broil. After dinner and a dessert of apple coffee cake it was back to the fire (still going very nicely of course).

Before dinner I took a little time to hone my fly tying skills. I hated to bring all my stuff and not put it to use. Friday night I watched a cool DVD on Florida redfish and this fly was featured. They didn’t use yellow grizzly but it’s all I had with me. In hindsight I probably could’ve used a tan hackle and added grizzly marks with my permanent marker.

Redfish Fly

So that sums up today. We covered 8.2 miles. Tomorrow is the Torreya Challenge. I’m really looking forward to it and hoping that everyone’s popping ibuprofen so we don’t have to cut it short.

I’ll have pictures posted when I’m back in civilization. I also recorded the trip via the Every Trail Android app. You can see what it recorded here.

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