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Ok, I’m going hiking after work tomorrow so I should be packing but I wanted to share how tonight’s presentation went. I’d offered to do a talk on backpacking with hammocks for the Trailblazers and tonight was the night. We had a good turnout with 16 people. Overall I think it went very well.

The Presenter

I’d spent some time building some “trees” out of 3″ PVC. I hate the idea of doing presentations about gear and just showing pictures. I know I like to see things up close and personal and like to offer the same opportunity to others. I ended up setting up the Light Hiker, Explorer Ultralight, and Blackbird.

Setting Up The Light Hiker

I was quickly running out of time so I only had the chance to briefly touch on underquilts and only got one tarp up. I think it was enough to provide a good starting point, though. We had some good discussion and I answered questions along the way.

Hopefully some ideas and curiosity were sparked. I’d love to see more people get interested in hanging. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tonight may be the catalyst.




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