Dicks Creek

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As I write this I’m finishing up a 1/4 lb burger and fries at Wendy’s. Ain’t civilization grand?

This morning kicked off about 8 as I rolled out of the hammock and immediatly fired up the stove some coffee. I listened to a woodpecker rat-a-tatting in the distance as I enjoyed my brew. Breakfast (two packs of instant oatmeal) soon followed.

The hike out of Deep Gap wasn’t bad. The hiking legs were really settling in. There was a side trail to a vista that was gorgeous and well worth the extra distance. The morning had a few ups and downs but most of the day was spent heading down.




I really tried to capture the beauty of the trail in this photo. I hope it does it justice but it’s really hard to see the whole picture in this small image.


Along the way was the best water source of the section complete with a small (really) waterfall. There was even a bench so you could rest and enjoy it.


Right on schedule we rolled into Dick’s Creek at 11:45 (just under 2 hrs).



I’ll get into the trip back to Hogpen later…after I’ve thoroughly demolished my GPS unit. For now it’s time to find a shower.

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GPS Update

Ok, my Mio GPS is usually spot on when it comes to routing me to various locations. However, the trip from Dicks Creek back to Hogpen Gap was a debacle of monumental proportions. I believe what should’ve been about a 45 minute drive turned in to closer to 1.5 hrs. After being routed down dead-end and dirt roads we finally got to 438 but believe me I was beyond ready to hurl the unit down the mountain.


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  1. >Thanks for posting up these articles, I stumbled upon your blog after doing a search for tray mountain view photos.

    My father and I will be doing unicoi gap to dicks creek gap next week for a little pre thanksgiving vacation.

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