Dehydrated Jalapeños

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I grew up in South Texas and love authentic Mexican food along with most other hot and spicy dishes. One of my favorite additions to a meal is slices jalapeños. On the trail, though, I’d been left with alternatives such as Tabasco® packets or simply doing without. Certain dishes just need a little zing to them to make them “right”. I don’t have to compromise anymore thanks to the dehydrated jalapeños from Packit Gourmet!

The jalapeños arrived in a sealed, 2 oz package. This equates to about 3/4 cup. A larger, 6 oz package is available to provide 2 1/4 cups. I honestly didn’t weigh the full package since I find it unlikely that I or most others will take the entire package on a backcountry excursion. It just makes more sense to take what you think you’ll need on the trail.

Package Front

Package Back

For my test I measured out 1 tbsp of diced jalapeños. The instructions specify a 2:1 ratio but I added another 1/2 tbsp which seemed to work better. I only tried hot water to rehydrate and it took less than 2 minutes to achieve a normal consistency. Cold water is supposed to take longer but I was hungry and didn’t want to test that theory. 🙂

Dry Jalapenos

Wet Jalapenos

After just a few minutes I dished out the rehydrated jalapeños to my dinner plate and gave them a try. They were very good and added more than enough kick to the meal.

Dished Out

The next time you want to kick it up a notch throw in some of these delicious jalapeños! The taste and consistency is excellent! I can’t wait for Mexican night on the trail!

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