Blue Mountain

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The hike up Blue Mtn wasn’t anywhere near what I’d envisioned. Unlike Wolf Mountain after Tesnatee Gap it wasn’t a sheer vertical but it went on forever and was rocky.


We took our time and didn’t do too bad. After spending some time filling our extra water containers it was a short leg to the shelter. Here is a typical water source.


We met Bradley from AL who started at Springer a few days ago. He got a welcomed fire going while we put our hammocks up and since dinner we’ve just been chatting.



The temp is stll in the 60s so it might be toasty with all the extra insulation. It’s cheap insurance though.

I was bummed to find a blister. Hopefully moleskin will do the trick and keep it from getting worse.

I guess I’ll sign off for now and see if I can get to sleep with this cacophony of crickets. Tomorrow…Tray Mountain.

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