Almost Made Carter Gap

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What a beautiful day this was. The entire day was moderate and the miles ticked away.

I stopped about 3 for lunch, water, and a foot check. Talked to a couple doing a loop hike to Deep Gap. That’s when I felt the first drops. At 3:30 it started to rain. Three $iles later it was still raining.

Caught up with my buddy at Beech Gap. I think I should’ve stayed with him. It was only 3 miles to the shelter and like a fool I went for it. After getting completely soaked to the bone and slipping and falling in the mud I made it to the first spot I felt I could stop.

I’m now in my hammock under the tarp trying to get warm. I’m only 1.5 miles from the shelter. That bites. But I’ll just have to make the best of it amd hope I don’t catch pneumonia. I think more rain is coming tonight so it’s doubtful anything will dry out. That’ll suck big time.

Well. That’s about it for now. Sitting at 22.5 miles total. Time to warm up. Later. Enjoy your warm beds. Showing about 45 here. Good night.

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