12 Miles Down

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By the time we dropped my truck at Tellico Gap we didn’t hit the trail at Dick’s Creek until 10. The first mile made me want turn around. 🙂 it only got worse. 🙁

We stopped for lunch at Plum Orchard Gap which has a nice spring. I’ve decided “gap” is a four-letter word. Every gap has a subsequent climb to make. The one from PO sucked.

We spent most of the day going up. And up. And up some more. I passed two water sources which was a mistake. I had only filled a 1L bottle at POG and the bladder was almost dry.

Fortunately I made it to the nice spring at Bly Gap. That was a very long 3.1 miles. This left about 4 to our destination of Muskrat Creek. The climb from Bly royally sucked.

I survived, though, and rolled into the packed shelter about 7:15. I’ve been making stops to change socks. Don’t want any blisters.

So that’s day one. Just laying in the hammock writing this up and enjoying the iPod. Later y’all. I’m pooped. Good night.

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