Brasslite II-D

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I tell you, I can’t seem to stop. Yesterday marked the arrival of my latest stove. I decided to get a Brasslite II-D stove. I probably could’ve gotten by with the I-D and it’s smaller size/fuel capacity but I decided to opt for a slightly larger stove and longer burn time if I decide to cook instead of simply boil water. It weighed in at 2.9 oz. It’s very light and well-made.

I decided to grab a shot before I put the fire to her and this is what I got. I usually forget this step.


Once it got dark and it was easier to see the flame I did a couple of 1 oz burns. I was able to boil 2 cups in about 6.5 min (didn’t keep accurate time on this test) and still had plenty of fuel left over. I’m going to try with 1/2 oz today and see how it does. Here are a few shots from the test.



So far I’m pretty happy. It’s definitely lighter than the Trangia. However, I still like the Trangia’s ability to store unused fuel. More tests to come. Hopefully I’ll have a nice comparison chart ready before too long.


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